Redcastle Legacy Programme

Our Legacy

The St Kevin’s College story can be traced back to the arrival of John McLean to New Zealand in 1818. Our College stands on the site of his original Ōamaru residence where his nephew, John McLean Buckley, built the Redcastle Residence. Their legacy still takes pride on our campus to this day. 

In the mid 1920’s, the Redcastle property and surrounding buildings were purchased by a Catholic religious order, with the intent to open a Catholic school for boys. On February 6, 1927, almost 100 years ago, St Kevin’s College opened its doors to the first students it would welcome over its long legacy of education. 

Since then, the College has grown, consistently carving a path ahead of its time, all whilst keeping the Roman Catholic values at the forefront of its work. Over the century, St Kevin’s College has seen integration into a co-educational institution, the development of new buildings and facilities to enrich the students’ school experiences, and has grown to become the College we know today in the care of the local Dunedin Catholic Diocese. 

We are fostering students who will go on to create a better society by providing quality education that can take them anywhere in the world. Our dream is to provide exceptional resources, immaculate grounds, a positive school experience and a quality education for anyone who wants to join our Kevinian family. We want to be the first choice for families.

That’s why we still need your help.  

The Redcastle Legacy Programme​​​​​​​

St Kevin’s College Foundation, the financial cornerstone of the College, has created the Redcastle Legacy Programme, to honour the longest legacy we treasure at St Kevin’s College, and look to what our future holds. Now, you too can be part of ensuring we can continue to provide the very best experience to our students, supporting those in need, and encouraging all students to become the best they can be, through a legacy gift in your Will. By naming St Kevin’s College Foundation, you will be making an enduring contribution to the future students at St Kevin’s College.

Through the Redcastle Legacy Programme, we want to help you understand our areas of focus and priority, work with you to help you maximise your impact, inform you of our work and impact at the College, and help you stay connected to our Kevinian community if you wish. We would also like to develop meaningful ways to recognise your special gift. 

For more information on the Redcastle Legacy Programme, contact Kara Cox, St Kevin’s College Community Builder, today by email at or by telephone on 021 340 887.

Our Promise to You

  • When making your Will, we understand that those closest to you come first. 

  • We will respect your right to privacy, and you don’t have to tell us what you decide to include in your Will (although we’d love the opportunity to say thank you for any gift to you include for St Kevin’s College Foundation). 

  • We’ll answer any questions you have, and we’ll keep you up to date with our work in a way that suits you – just let us know. 

  • If you remember St Kevin’s College Foundation in your Will or family trust, we will use your gift carefully to achieve the greatest possible impact for students and the wider community of St Kevin’s College of the future. 

  • We will give you as much choice as we can about how and where your gift will be used and work to honour your wishes. 

  • You can change your mind about a gift to St Kevin’s College Foundation in your Will or family trust at any time. 

  • Any gifts you leave will be handled sensitively and respectfully. 

Thank you:

Whether large or small, your gift will ensure a sustainable future for St Kevin’s College and ensure that we can support our students for generations to come – and it is greatly appreciated. You will be making an enormous difference to future Kevinians.

Ready to Leave a Legacy to St Kevin’s College Foundation?​​​​​​​

You will need:

Our Charity Name: St Kevin’s College Foundation

Our Charities Registration Number: CC31384

Examples of Will Codicils: Suggested wording

Next steps:

  1. Discuss your plans with your loved ones

  2. Reach out to Kara Cox, St Kevin’s College Community Builder, to find out more about the Redcastle Legacy Programme

  3. Seek legal advice to create or amend your Will

  4. Notify us that you have kindly included St Kevin’s College Foundation in you Will 

For more information on the Redcastle Legacy Programme, contact Kara Cox, St Kevin’s College Community Builder, today by email at or by telephone on 021 340 887.

Thank you. 

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