About the Foundation

To support our continued development in being a College that offers the best opportunities for all our students and to be the first choice for families far and wide, St Kevin’s College Foundation was established in 1982. As our financial cornerstone, the Foundation exists to support the wider sustainability of the college, ensuring we run efficiently both today and tomorrow. 

We are also committed to creating opportunities for our wider Kevinian family to maintain connection, gather and contribute. We are keen to make sure that our alumni feel connected to the school and each other and that we play a central part in keeping these links strong. We now have a dedicated member of the team focussing on building and maintaining this special community. 

Anyone in our wider College family may join the Foundation to help ensure that St Kevin's College prospers.  We warmly invite you to consider joining us on our mission, as this is a practical way to support quality  Catholic Education and ensure that the College continues to prosper. 

Our Key Priorities

Working hand in hand, the College and Foundation have identified key priority areas where philanthropic support from our community will greatly contribute to our college purpose and mahi. 

1. Pastoral Care - We will support our team to reduce barriers to education for our most vulnerable young people. We’re aiming to ensure that all students can access the educational and extracurricular opportunities that they deserve to improve their overall wellbeing. Together with whānau, we want to support our students to be happy, healthy and resilient. 

2. Scholarships - We will create opportunities for growth for our young people that have displayed great potential. Funds will go towards funding exceptional students, in a range of disciplines such as sports and academia, to continue their journey of growth, no matter what their background is. We want to support the next sporting legends, start-up founders, and university professors to follow their passions and thrive. 

3. Student Experience – We will open the door for young people to experience new challenges and opportunities across all aspects of college life. Whether through adventures or excursions, these funds will take students outside of the classroom to encounter a variety of enriching experiences, whether that is the rush of having to cross a flowing river as part of their hiking adventure or feeling the excitement of riding a  horse for the very first time. 

4. Buildings and Maintenance – This key priority focuses on securing our physical legacy for the benefit of future generations. Here at St Kevin’s, we are proud to host exceptional facilities, including important heritage buildings. Our campus is a home away from home for our students and alumni and we want to ensure and we are committed commit to ensuring these important places will be here for generations to come. 

5. The Future Fund – We want to ensure that the legacy that began with John McLean and John Buckley, the original owners of land and the first buildings of our College, endures the test of time. We want our College to be here to foster students to become confident, lifelong learners for generations to come. These endowment funds are held in trust and managed professionally through a firm of independent advisors who adopt best practice policies. We are committed to securing our legacy by investing wisely and applying sustainable investing principles across the board. 

If you would like to find out more about how you can become a member of the foundation, please get in touch today

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Community Builder 


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Foundation Chairperson


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