Giving at St Kevin’s College

If you are an individual, or represent a trust, and are considering a substantial contribution to St Kevin’s College Foundation, thank you. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​Philanthropy is an important part of our history, ever since the Christian Brothers raised the £8,000 required to purchase the land and buildings back in the 1920’s that make up St Kevin’s College today. Our school was founded on the generosity of numerous members of the local community, who supported fundraising efforts to establish a College fit for teaching. This altruism has ensured that a Roman Catholic education, rich in our values of Family, Integrity, Respect, and Excellence, has been available for the young people of Ōamaru, New Zealand and afar for almost a century.  

We would like to work with you to continue this story of giving, to achieve the greatest possible impact for the future of our College, and our Kevinian family. We want you to know exactly where your donation goes, so you know the meaningful difference that you have made.

You can contact Kara Cox, St Kevin’s College Community Builder, today by email at or by telephone on 021 340 887, so that we can provide you with the support and information you need, and provide you with a great experience along the way. 

Give in various ways

Our Fundraising Priorities:

St Kevin’s College and the Foundation are committed to providing the opportunities, experiences, and facilities for all students to thrive. 

Together, we have identified key areas of our school where philanthropic support from our community will greatly contribute to our goal of fostering students to become confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners inspired by gospel values. 

Our current areas of priority for fundraising include:

  1. Pastoral Care – Support our team to reduce barriers to education for our most vulnerable young people. 

  2. Scholarships – Create opportunities for growth for our young people with potential, in a range of disciplines such as sports and academia. 

  3. Student Experience – Open the door for young people to experience new challenges and opportunities across all aspects of college life.  

  4. Buildings and Maintenance – Secure our physical legacy for the enjoyment of future generations.

  5. The Future Fund –Help us to invest sustainably and dynamically, securing the future of our college. 

With your gift, you could be supporting all students to access the educational and extracurricular opportunities they deserve, help young people who have great potential in sports or academia to continue on their journey of growth, or protect and grow our unique College campus of important heritage buildings and new state-of-the-art facilities. 

When you support the Foundation, we will work with you to:

Help you to understand our areas of focus and priority

Help you with your gift and how you can maximise your impact

Learn how you want to follow this support and hear about the impact you have had

Develop meaningful ways to recognise your substantial contribution

Share invites to important events 

Help you stay connected to our Kevinian community 

Your donation will have a lasting impact on all Kevinians, present and future.

Today, we invite you to join this story of giving that our past generations and alumni have created, playing your part in the St Kevin’s College journey of creating an environment and learning community where ākonga can flourish.

Contact Kara Cox, St Kevin’s College Community Builder, today by email at or by telephone on 021 340 887.

Donors to St Kevin’s College Foundation can claim a tax credit on cash donations, as St Kevin’s College Foundation has donee status.

God Bless.