Our general expectation is that as professional interns, you will behave like professional interns. Because you are living on a school site, there are certain expectations to protect the welfare of the students, which is a 24/7, 365 day a year operation. We do also realise that you are adults, and deserve a reasonable level of freedom. Compliance with these rules will ensure that.

General Rules of Conduct

  • Do not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort, or privacy of other residents.
  • The Resident is responsible for the behaviour/ conduct of their guests whilst on the property.
  • Any Guests are to sign in on the visitors log, and sign out again upon departure, and agree to abide by these rules.
  • St Kevin’s college has a right of admission policy for all guests/residents on the school property.
  • No Guests are allowed on site after 10pm and before 7am unless by prior arrangement with St Kevin’s College.
  • Only people approved by St. Kevin’s College may live at the premises. No overnight guests are permitted, unless by approval of St Kevin’s College.
  • There is a procedure for applying for the hosting of guests overnight/after 10pm/permanently. The house manager will guide you through this process.
  • Long term partners and family are welcome to stay, as long as the application procedure is followed.
  • Interns should be aware that such requests should not be left to the last minute, and be asked a reasonable length of time in advance, to avoid a declining of their request.
  • No parties or excessive noise at any time. All residents are entitled to quiet enjoyment of their home.
  • Harassment of any form will not be tolerated.
  • All residents must be respectful of other people’s property.
  • Advise the House Manager if something needs fixing.

Room Fittings/ Furnishings

  • The residents shall accept responsibility for their room and all its contents. Windows and curtains are to be opened during the day and heaters to be turned off at night and when at work.
  • Residents are responsible for washing their own linen, towels and clothing. Clothesline/dryer are to be used for all drying – no washing is to be dried in the rooms.
  • Rooms are to be kept in a clean and tidy condition. Bedrooms are to be vacuumed regularly and all communal areas to be cleaned on a roster system.
  • All fittings, furnishings and chattels must be maintained in a good, sound condition.
  • The resident may be liable for the repairs or replacement of any damage the resident causes.
  • The resident shall not paint, deface, or make any alterations to the rooms.
  • Permission must be sought from management prior to attaching anything to the walls.
  • Pets are not allowed at the premises.

Communal Areas and Facilities

  • For clarity, the downstairs of the castle is College space and the kitchen, laundry and bathroom is a community space. Interns have full access to the upper level.
  • From time to time, you may wish to host a special occasion such as a birthday or leaving dinner. You may be able to book the downstairs lounge and kitchen for these occasions.
  • Communal areas are defined as all areas that residents have access to that is not a bedroom.
  • Please do not leave cooking unattended in kitchens. This is a fire hazard and the resident may be liable for any damages caused and the call out fee if the alarm is triggered.
  • Please keep all communal areas tidy e.g. wash and put away dishes/pots etc ready for the next person.
  • No cooking in rooms.
  • Personal property that is left in the communal areas is left at the resident’s own risk.

Vehicles and parking

  • Residents vehicles must be made known to management – Make, model and rego, and a car pass gained from St Kevin’s College to avoid towing or clamping.
  • Non-resident vehicles must be off site by 10pm and not on site before 7am
  • Vehicles must only be parked in the designated area in the west carpark and must not block access for others.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

  • Drinking is only permitted in communal areas between the hours of 4pm & 10pm Sunday - Thursday and noon & midnight Friday and Saturday. Any alcohol on the premises must be stored securely, upstairs.
  • Intoxication or excessive drinking is a breach of other resident’s quiet enjoyment.
  • Drugs and any other illegal substances are prohibited on the premises. If any drugs are suspected, the police will be informed immediately.
  • Smoking / e-cigarettes or vaping is NOT permitted anywhere inside the building. Smoking is only permitted outside in the defined courtyard area. Butts and ash must be disposed of in to the container provided.
  • Smoke detectors are fitted. If found responsible for setting off the alarm, the resident will be liable for any non-emergency call out fees. The burning of incense and naked flames – i.e. candles are NOT permitted.
  • Tampering with any of the safety features in the premises is NOT allowed.
  • Any illegal activities, suspected or known to occur on the property will be reported to the police.


  • Residents are not permitted in school boarding establishments, nor are students permitted in Redcastle.
  • Security cameras are installed on the ground floor. Please note the cameras will record all movements.
  • External doors are to be closed at all times – and locked as required.
  • The fire escape ladder in the southern bedroom on the first floor is for use in the event of a fire ONLY.
  • If residents wish management to search the camera footage for any reason – there may be a charge.
  • The House manager has access to the cameras.
  • If a resident gets locked out of the boarding house and needs let back in there may be a call out fee.
  • If a resident loses their keys for the boarding house, then replacement costs may apply.
  • The house manager, school staff, security guards and other approved persons may make security checks of the castle from time to time and on a regular basis. You must comply with their instructions, or you will face an intervention procedure.

Fair use Policy

  • Be courteous of fellow residents, the communal items are there for everyone’s use and enjoyment. i.e. at meal times, everyone is trying to cook please share items and offer up space, don’t hog the TV etc.
  • From time to time downstairs rooms are used by non-residents for meetings and gatherings (including board meetings), please be aware and respectful for those events.

Intervention Procedure

  • If you are breaking any of the rules, or failing to follow any instructions, you will be asked to stop and comply.
  • If you fail to stop, Council will be contacted for internal disciplinary procedures.
  • St Kevin’s College reserves the right to contact police.
  • Non-intern guests or residents could be trespassed and/or referred to the police.


  • Residents will get 24 hours’ notice via text message/email of management requiring access to their room. (Please advise management if contact details change during your stay)
  • Access may be required for maintenance or inspections or safety checks. If a resident wishes to be present during the access, then please let management know in advance so a specific time can be arranged.


  • 2 weeks notice must be given by residents prior to leaving.
  • Leave bathrooms, kitchen, lounge and room clean and tidy when vacating. If the room is not clean and tidy the resident will be charged the cost to make it clean and tidy. Residents are responsible for returning their keys etc.


Police / Fire / Ambulance 111

Mathew Harris (on-site Manager) 027 350 5878(during school term time)

Justin Fowler (Director of Boarding) 027 426 5370

School Office (School Secretary- Sue) 03 437 1665 ext 701 (during school hours)

I agree to abide by the above House Rules, and any other rule or instruction given by St Kevin’s College or Waitaki District Council from time to time:

Signature: .……………………………………………………………..…..

Name: ……………………………………………………………………... Date: ………………………




At St Kevin’s College we are concerned about your safety and the safety of others.

I, (full name, printed)_________________ ______________________agree that

  1. It is my privilege to park my vehicle on school grounds. This privilege can be withdrawn if I do not adhere to this Code of Conduct. St Kevin’s College is private property.
  2. I will follow the Road Code while on school grounds.
  3. My contraventions of the Road Code in school grounds could be reported to the Police.
  4. I will obey School vehicle instructions, including speed limits
  5. I will have a valid driver’s licence that I carry with me and photocopy handed to the House manager.
  6. My vehicle will have a valid WOF and registration, displayed on the vehicle.
  7. I will display my vehicle pass in my car, or carry it with me if I use a motorcycle.
  8. I will only park school-registered vehicles on the school grounds.
  9. I will only park in designated parking areas on the west gravel carpark.
  10. My vehicle may be towed away or clamped, at my cost if I continually park it outside of parking areas or I have not processed or displayed my permit.
  11. I will observe the speed limit signs and one way system inside the school grounds.
  12. I will not have items prohibited by the school or law (eg alcohol, drugs, pornography, weapons) in my vehicle.
  13. I will allow access to my vehicle by School Management while my vehicle is in school grounds.
  14. I will only carry passengers in my vehicle if I have a full licence and Will not carry any St Kevins School Students
  15. I understand that any guest vehicle could be clamped/towed if they are on site without permission.

Please complete sections on the reverse of this form

Signed (Intern/Redcastle resident) : _______________________

Date :_________

Driver’s Licence : Full / Restricted / Learners / (Please circle)

Licence number ________________

Vehicle make : __________________model : _______________ colour : ___________

Vehicle Reg. number : ___________________Owner : _________________________

If more than 1 vehicle repeat this section

2. Vehicle make : ________________model : _______________ colour : ___________

Vehicle Reg. number : ___________________Owner : _________________________

Intern/Redcastle Parking designated area