New Boarding Allowance scheme
From 2014, Boarding Allowances will collectively replace the Boarding Bursary Scheme and the Mapihi Pounamu Financial Support Scheme.

The Ministry of Education intends that the new scheme will give greater support to students experiencing barriers to achieving at school and who would benefit from attending boarding school.

Applications for the 2015 school year are now open.  There will be a once a year application process. Late applications may be accepted at the Ministry of Education's discretion.  Outside the yearly application cycle, the Ministry of Education will consider additional applications on an individual basis. This will be for exceptional and serious cases only.

Transition arrangements
There will be no charge for students who are currently receiving funding through the Mapihi Pounamu Financial Support Scheme and the Boarding Bursary Scheme - they will continue to receive it for as long as they remain eligible.  Details of this "grand-parenting" arrangement have been sent to the parents/caregivers of current recipients of these schemes.

Summary of the changes

  • New name - Boarding Allowance.
  • New application form.
  • Changes to the eligibility criteria for all allowances - refer to the fact sheet on the Ministry of Education website for further details.
  • Once a year selection process - applications for the next school year need to be in by the preceding 1 July each year.
  • All students experiencing significant barriers to achieving at school will use a referral agency to apply for the Boarding Allowance.
  • Changes to the selection process - an Impact on Achievement Rubric will be used to rate applications.
  • Changes to how geographical isolation is determined - a rating system (Remoteness Impact on Achieving Rubric) will now be used to analyse the degree of the barrier the student is experiencing rather than simply measuring the distance to the applicant's nearest appropriate school to determine a student's need for this assistance.
  • Increase in geographical isolation allowances, from $2,725 to $3,200 per year.  
  • Travel assistance will only be paid to students living on remote off-shore islands, such as Great Barrier Island, the Chatham Islands and Pitt Island.
  • All Boarding Allowances payments will be made at the beginning of each term.
  • Extra support payments ($500 per year for students facing multiple barriers) will be made at the beginning of the school year.

How can I get more information?
There is more information on the Ministry of Education website, including information about who is eligible and how to apply, as well as an application form: 


You can also email your queries to boarding.allowances@minedu.govt.nz for more information.

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