Confucius Classroom at St Kevin's College

St Kevin's College has established links with the Confucius Institute in Beijing China, to provide support for Mandarin language teachers and to advance cultural understandings between our two countries. 

The Mandarin language program begins in local primary and intermediate schools and is supported by a Mandarin language assistant supplied by the Confucius Institute.

St Kevin's College offers Year 9 and 10 Mandarin under the scope of the Learning Languages strand of the New 
Zealand National Curriculum. Students may elect to continue their NCEA study to the highest levels with the support of New Zealand Net. 

As New Zealand as a country has increased it trading links with China, the need for Mandarin speakers has increased.
Having a functional knowledge of the language and culture of your trading partner is essential for everyone working in this space, from entrepreneurs to trade delegates.

The Confucius Institute invites students studying the Mandarin language to visit China in an annual summer camp which draws together students and staff from around the South Island. The program is challenging and fun, giving the students an opportunity to visit iconic places such as the Great Wall of China and the Beijing Summer Palace. A number of St Kevin's staff and students have taken the opportunity to experience Chinese culture on this trip of a lifetime.