St Kevin's College has a proud sporting tradition and we encourage students to participate in at least one summer and one winter sport.

Consequently St Kevin's students excel in a multitude of sporting codes. Students have the opportunity to be involved in hockey, rugby, basketball, soccer, netball, swimming, rowing, cricket, tennis, squash, badminton, skiing, snowboarding, multi sport, athletics, tramping and kayaking.

The College swimming, athletic and cross-country sports are three major events on our calendar and it is compulsory that all students participate.

We encourage participation and cater for a wide range of abilities, encouraging both elite performance and enthusiastic involvement. Our focus is on encouraging students to play sport in a challenging and competitive manner, while still maintaining enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Almost a quarter of our students complete Duke of Edinburgh Awards, completing bronze, silver and gold levels. Within the requirements are challenges such as planning and completing tramping trips, completing six month skill blocks and service to others.

Through participation in sporting codes students are able to develop holistically and gain valuable cooperative and fair play skills.