On-line Attendance

Expectations for On-line Attendance Reporting

While working on-line, it is important for us to monitor student's engagement with their learning and on-line attendance.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Recording student engagement with their learning journal and interaction with the Google Classroom lessons.
  2. Daily recording of attendance or absence in an email to: absences@stkevins.school.nz or submit the form : https://www.stkevins.school.nz/connect/student-absence

We ask whānau to report "on-line absences" due to events or sickness so we are informed about disruptions to a student's learning and can arrange appropriate support.

How will my teachers know that I am working on-line?

If possible, at some stage before 1 pm each day you should submit the previous days learning record so we can to track your mahi (work).

Your Whānau Teacher will use your response to keep an eye on your learning and wellbeing as you work on-line. They can help you sort out any issues you may be having as well.

Your Teachers will respond to questions you post in Google Classroom and will use any feedback you give, to get an overall picture for ATL's.

If you have limited Internet and cannot use these tools, we understand. We do not want to put pressure on you or your family at an already stressful time.

Do what you can, when you can.

How should I report an absence for an on-line student?

Option 2: Text 021437176 with the student's name and reason.

Option 3: Ring the College mobile number 021437176 and leave a message with the student's name and reason.

Option 4: Email absences@stkevins.school.nz with the student's name and reason.