Contact our School Counsellor, Mat Harris via email or by phoning the school office.

What is Counselling? Counselling is a unique professional and intentional process which draws on a range of skills and interventions that enable people to increase their self-awareness, and to identify, address and find ways of coping with challenges that occur in life.

Many life experiences can present us with changes and stressors that seem overwhelming and can interfere with day-to-day life and our wellbeing. Counselling provides a supportive and safe environment where issues can be clarified, options and ways of navigating these can be explored, and effective strategies can be developed that meet the needs of each client in bringing about positive change.

At the heart of counselling is the quality of the relationship between the counsellor and client. This is underpinned by deep respect and non-judgemental acceptance of each client.

Counselling helps you explore and manage your emotions, thoughts and behaviour. You might be feeling anxious or depressed, or simply worried/stressed, about things, including work, relationship breakdown, Family, Friends, the death of a loved one, bad things that have happened to you in the past, or worries about what might happen in the future – anything that causes you emotional upset or that challenges your happiness and sense of self-worth. Counselling helps you to address those challenges, whatever they are, and find ways of dealing with them more positively. It aims to give you a new perspective on your life and help you to develop new ways of thinking and living.

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School counselling at St Kevin's is a regular educational service provided by the school and parental consent is covered by enrolment. However by notification to the principal, A parent can specifically forbid a student U17 to see the school counsellor, or specifically forbid the counsellor to work with a minor student. All counselling sessions and attendance to the service are confidential to the student and the counsellor. Records and other details are kept secure, and cannot be disclosed to parent/guardians, as under the Privacy act 2020: Privacy Act 2020: 49 Protection, etc, of individual as reason for refusing access to personal information (1)An agency may refuse access to any personal information requested if— (c)the individual concerned is under the age of 16 and the disclosure of the information would be contrary to the interests of the individual concerned. Therefore it is necessary for the child to have access to confidential counselling, so that they can be healthy and safe. Breaching the child's trust by disclosing information may result in them being unwilling to use counselling facilities in future or future service effectiveness being impacted, therefore being contrary to the interests of the child. Records are also considered private health information. Counselling confidentiality is limited on the basis of safety in that if a student presents risk of harm to themselves or others details may be shared with necessary school staff and/or the student’s parents/guardians and/or other agencies to ensure safety and wellbeing.