Special Character

At St Kevin’s College, our Special Character is summed up in our FIRE values of Family, Integrity, Respect and Excellence. We believe that the consistent expression of these ideas in our pastoral care system, in our public messaging, in the way we compete and in our religious education helps to establish a simple set of expectations that all of our community can aspire to live up to.

Students are taught to treat each other as a family which means accepting each other's faults, practicing forgiveness and supporting each other. They are asked to use integrity which, in our expression of the idea, means to do the right thing when no one is looking.

Students are asked to show respect for themselves, the environment and others in the belief that all life is a gift from God. Finally students are encouraged to strive to do their personal best, to reach for excellence in achieving their potential in their academic work, their personal relationships and their expectations of themselves.

Dominican Excellence Awards 2022

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Ash Wednesday 2022

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Rosary for Ukraine 2022

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St Patrick's Day 2022

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Matariki 2022