The School Song

With walls of grace surround us all

St Kevin who thine armour wear

That e’en the fiercest foe who runs

Against our bastions tastes despair

As thou didst Danesmen harry back

Thy courage speed through gulfs of days

That strong though be the world’s attack

Our spirits Godwards still we’ll raise.

By hands in sacrifice intent

Our lives are moulded for the Lord

With eyes on future vict’ries bent,

We’ll soar like hawks when slips the cord

A sword St Kevin send us now

To sunder pride from all our hearts

That we’ll attain as fits our vow

The humble strength that ne’er departs.

Though gloomy forests loom before

And trackless wastes our feet may tread

Thy star in love shall glimmer o’re

And we shall be homewards led

The seed our years in school must plant

Will oak-like spread as years decay

So firm in faith our Lord did grant

That we will win to light of day.