My name is XXXX and it is my pleasure to be able to introduce you to St Kevin’s College and the wonderful opportunities it has to offer. 

St Kevin’s College is a co-educational, Year 9 – 13 boarding and day Catholic school in Oamaru, on the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.  It was founded in 1927, and the College has an established record of outstanding academic achievement, enriched with diverse cultural, sporting and leadership opportunities.  Along with 30 years of co-educational experience, the confidence of St Kevin’s students as they take their place in the world is testament to the respectful co-educational learning environment established at the College. 

Students at St Kevin’s are challenged to become 21st century global citizens.  The mission of the College is to foster confident, connected, actively involved life-long learners inspired by gospel values.  Principal, Paul Olsen, says that a particular emphasis is placed on developing strong Literacy and Numeracy skills in preparation for NCEA national assessment in the senior school. 

Academically the NCEA results of St Kevin’s College students are among the highest in the country and these are supported by a successful Cambridge programme in the Junior School.  There is a dedicated team of teachers who have developed differentiated programmes to support the learning of every student.  There is extra support for those requiring help, and talented and gifted students are extended by rich learning experiences and extension work. 

St Kevin’s boasts an exceptional sporting heritage and all of the students at the College are expected to take part in a sport to gain the health and social benefits of being part of a team.  Sports available range from athletics, aquatics, cross country and equestrian, through to a full range of team sports.  These are supported with a swimming pool, hockey turf, gymnasium, weights room, courts and fields – all situated on the campus.

Culturally students at St Kevin’s are exposed to a strong tradition of public speaking, debating, singing, music and drama.  The College Houses – Clancy, Magee, Tracey and Whyte – contest in a rich cultural competition which complements the sporting side of student life.  The range of annual events are important opportunities to take to the stage, learn important communication skills and feel comfortable in front of an audience.  

As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition, St Kevin’s has a commitment to community service.  The motto; Facere et Docere “To do and to teach through service to others” and Veritas – “Truth” are modelled throughout the College and improve confidence and self-esteem from the community service involvement. 

St Kevin’s identifies with four Core values.  Family, Integrity, Respect and Excellence.  These are the College FIRE Values and staff and students are challenged to live these values on every day.  St Kevin’s is a caring community that supports others, fosters a sense of loyalty and honour as Kevinians. 

St Kevin’s College is a caring, stimulating environment, one that will bring out the best in students.  It is a college, proud of its traditions and the strong sense of family helps to support St Kevin’s College students in their quest to become 21st century global citizens.    Contact the College today to speak to someone about what they can do for the young person that you care about.  If you need help with translation, their friendly staff would be happy to arrange someone to help you.