Year Costs 2017

For Boarding Students
Hostel Fees (set for 2017) $11,900
For New Enrolment of Boarders
Boarding Family Bond $500
For All Students
Attendance Dues
Building Donation
Home and School Association Donation   $10
Activity Donation (supports sports equipment and religious activities)   $110
Chaplaincy Donation   $30
School Uniform (one-off cost) New clothing (approx) $600
  Second-hand clothing (approx) $200
Boarding Students also open a bank account where their money is kept for -
Pocket Money (say $5 per week) $200
Incidentals (soap, shampoo and toothpaste etc) $60

 Notes -

  • Prices include GST.
  • All charges for school costs will be in $NZD
  • No refunds will be given
  • Hostel fees are reviewed annually
  • Activity Fee covers photocopying cost, junior art fees, sports equipment, religious education materials, levy for NZ Catholic Education Office, some part of visiting speakers and consumables in some other subjects.

How to pay Fees and Dues at St Kevin’s College


Payment of school fees and activities is made via the Caregiver (Parent) Portal - CLICK HERE TO LOGIN - or through the school office. EFTPOS Facilities are available.


BNZ OAMARU 020940-0105697-002

Fees and Dues at St Kevin’s College

Attendance Dues

$850.00 (inc. GST) per year 
These are a condition of enrolment, specified on the enrolment form and allowed for in the Integration Act, and must therefore be paid. They are not tax deductible.

Attendance dues are used to -
•  insure the school buildings
•  service and pay off loans taken out to provide those buildings originally
•  provide any capital improvement required by the Minister of Education

Attendance dues are paid directly to the Proprietor of St Kevin's College. In cases of financial hardship the right to waive the Attendance Dues has been delegated to the Principal.

Building Donation

$110 per year 
This is a requested donation and is tax deductible. The Building Donation is paid to the Proprietor to enable the building of other St Kevin's College facilities not allowed for under the Integration Agreement (e.g. canteen, extra classrooms, common rooms, sports facilities). The College has superb grounds and facilities that depend on this donation for their upkeep.

Activity Donation

$110 per year 
It is used as funding necessary for -
•   religious education
•   sports equipment
•   subsidies for visiting performers
•   transport to e.g. funerals
•   levies to NZ Catholic Education Office

This is a requested donation and is tax deductible. We keep this request to a minimum to ensure that families are not put under financial strain.  In cases of financial hardship please make an appointment with the Principal to how we can help with payment.

Home & School Family Donation

$10 per year 

Each family is asked to support the activities of the Home and School Association by this contribution/donation.

Chaplaincy Donation

$30 per year

This donation supports the work of our Chaplain Father Wayne

Sporting Subs

These costs are subject to variation depending on affiliation fees and uniform purchases specific to each code and does not include tournament costs or inter-school expenses.