The Home and School Association is made up of parents and friends of the college and consists of no less than twelve, together with the principal and a teacher representative.

Its main objects are to:

  • Provide a link between the young person, parent/caregivers and the school.
  • Bring parents/caregivers and teachers together in social and informative activities.
  • Raise funds to provide improved facilities and opportunities for members of the school community.

Enquires should be directed to:

The Secretary
Claire Hitchcock
Telephone: (03) 4348703
Fax: (03)

Work: (03) 9042964
Mobile: 0210318972
Email: thitchcock@gmail.com

Election of Officers

Chairperson Mandy Farrell
Vice Chairperson Michelle Stewart
Secretary Claire Hitchcock
Treasurer Leanne Kingan

Meetings held Monday's
at 7 p.m.
in College Staffroom