St Kevin's College Primary Industry Trades Academy

St Kevin's College has partnered with the Primary Industry Training Organisation (ITO) to deliver industry standard courses to agriculture and horticulture students. 

Students aim to gain their NCEA as well as achieving the National Certificate in Agriculture or Horticulture at Level 2.

Blending classroom study with on the job learning, the Trades Academy includes field trips in Year 11 and a Friday industry placement in Year 12.

The Trades Academy allows the College to match students to appropriate industry professionals and businesses to fulfill the practical requirement of this engaging programme, achieving industry relevant qualifications.

For students transitioning into the workforce in Year 13, the SWITCh Programme is a way to blend industry employment with NCEA Level 2 or 3 study.

As the Academy is government funded there are limited spaces available. Interviews with caregivers are required before approval will be given for a student to enter the SWITCh Programme. 

SWITCh is an acronym for School Work Industry Transition Change