Pastoral care at St Kevin's College is based on our FIRE values and students are encouraged operate as a family, develop integrity, have respect for others and respect for their surroundings and aim for excellence in all aspects of college life. The idea of a school family is a fundamental feature of the College with the overall objective being to foster each student's sense of well-being and to nurture their self-esteem as they develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.

Our pastoral system is based on our House and Year level Whanau Groups. Students are grouped so that they feel a sense of family and are able to support each other and in turn, be supported by teacher mentors.  All Whanau Groups work through a series of self-monitoring goal based activities and with their mentor on both a group and individual basis. The mentor teachers monitor the academic progress of students, encourage participation in co curricular activities and monitor their social well-being.

Our Year Level Deans have the overall responsibility for the pastoral care of students and are the first point of call for parents. Every fortnight class teachers fill in the Fortnightly Reports for all students in their classes; the Dean collates these and keeps in touch with the parents. Results are e-mailed to parents in order to enable close monitoring of a student's academic and attitudinal performance. The Deans also run regular Year level assemblies to ensure that students work together as a larger group.

Clear boundaries for behaviour are outlined to students and they are educated to realise that there are firm consequences if our standards are not met.

From our ERO Report:    “Supportive, respectful and caring relationships are strengths of the school.”