St Kevin's College Equestrian Academy 

The Equestrian Academy is physically based on-site at the College. The Olympic sized dressage arena together with holding and grazing paddocks are set within the expansive 26 hectare property. 

The Equestrian programmes have a number of dimensions, each focusing on the individual aspirations of the students. 

The Senior Academy programme focuses on delivering industry standard qualifications that will lead to careers within the equine field. Students may select from a range of standards at Level 2 and 3 which are endorsed by the Primary Industry Training Organisation and can contribute to their NCEA qualification. The standards are delivered by internationally qualified tutors. 

Students in the Academy programme are also required to put their training into use within the equine industry, so that they can gain practical experience. Students are linked with local stables and trainers in order to ensure the knowledge and skills they gain at the College are embedded within a commercial setting.

Some students opt to simply take riding lessons. Our tutors are qualified to tutor at the highest levels and develop a personalised programme that is age and skill appropriate. We offer beginner lessons as well tuition to extend our more advanced riders. 

The College Riding Team is active in a range of competitive events. We encourage students to become active participants in these events in order to develop and hone their personal riding skills. 

Students do not have to own a horse to engage in the Academy programme or learn to ride.

Students who do own their own horse or pony are free to bring them to lessons. Boarders who would like to bring their horse to the College, can arrange grazing on site for a modest fee.

Horse Arena