Cultural activities are seen as an integral part of life at St Kevin’s College, with opportunities for students to build on interests and talents they may have developed in primary school, or as part of an entirely new focus in high school.

All cultural traditions and experiences are embraced here at the college. If students show a willingness to participate in any aspect of culture, be it speech, singing in a rock band or Kapa Haka, the college will support it.

Whole school cultural activities include a Musical which is produced every two years and which is traditionally a show piece. Past musicals include shows like “Beauty and the Beast”, “Seussical the Musical”, “Annie”, “Grease” and “Fiddler on the Roof”. Other school wide activities include the annual house drama and choir competitions, inter house debating and the scripture reading competition.

Individuals are able to develop their cultural muscle through competitions such as the ‘Bishop’s Shield’, an inter school competition between all four schools in the diocese, the speech competition and the individual or small group singing competition held as part of the house choir competition week.

Culture at St Kevin’s is not all about competition. It is about encouraging young men and women to reach their full potential as well rounded human beings. Part of that journey involves accessing music, dance and language to reflect who we are as ‘people’ and ‘peoples’ and reflecting that through the lens of the arts. We are very proud to have a vibrant and supported Kapa Haka and Pasifika group at the school and many talented individual students. 

Students can access formal music lessons through our itinerant teachers and can also access formal speech teachers within the school timetable. The college is happy to accommodate teachers of cultural disciplines within the school and will work with individual students to cater for their needs.

The school is also able to offer courses which formally recognise career aspirations around the arts.

The college has a full art course, Visual Art, Music and Drama across all levels, and also offers courses which incorporate skills for careers in film and television.

St Kevin’s College is a flexible, responsive environment which is proud to support the cultural interests of all of its students.